2020-05-31 Story about Tempura

Story about Tempura

I have recalled my old school memory about English textbook in Japan and one of the chapters was a Japanese boy explained Tempura to one of the students from abroad.  Now that Tempura is recognized as one of signature Japanese food and its reputation is spread out world-wide. I really love Tempura personally and I rarely hear people dislike or hate it, which I […]

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2020-05-17 Discover Koshu!

Discover Koshu!

There are around 5000 species to be considered as grapes for making wine in the world, but roughly 1000 species are grown in order to produce wine in fact. International grape variety such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon is well recognized. Wine lovers with good knowledge also notice indigenous variety like Nebbiolo from Italy and Viura from Spain. How about Koshu? Is it […]

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2020-05-10 Introduction to Muscat Bailey A

Introduction to Muscat Bailey A

Is this the first time for you to meet or even hear of the name – Muscat Bailey A? We hereby appreciate to talk about the Japanese new-comer red variety to the global wine society! Muscat Baily A (abbreviated as MBA) – produces very enjoyable wines demonstrating candy-sweet aroma, in gorgeous pinky-sexy red colour recently […]

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