Muscat Bailey A – “New-Comer” to be a Japan’s representative in the wine industry

Muscat Bailey A (abbreviated as MBA) is a grape variety that has been nailing to be a representative variety of Japanese wines along with Koshu. The production of MBA has been spreading from the northern Tohoku regions of the mainland of Japan (Honshu – 本州) to the southern – Kyushu (九州) island. This variety demonstrates candy-sweet aroma, in gorgeous pinky-sexy red colour as its native aspect. Despite its name expresses ‘Muscat’, this is completely different from other cultivars such as Muscat family as table grapes or Muscadelle, a white variety. MBA is the variety that is used mostly for rose and red winemaking in Japan. The variety was registered at the O.I.V (Office International de la vigne et du vin) based in France in 2013i.


iTakata, K., Saitou, H., Misawa, S., Aruga, Y., Matsumoto, N., Goto, N., & Ueno, T.(2014). Registration of Muscut Bailey A for OIV-Background and its Characterization. Journalof the Brewing Society of Japan, 109(9), 624-631